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Yooper John's Angelfire pages

Yooper John's Geocities pages --- No longer Active

Yooper John's Tripod pages  --- No longer Active

YooperJ's guns on Auction Arms

YooperJ's guns on GunBroker   --- No longer Active

Withergyld's Yugoslavian SKS Survey   --- No longer Active

SurplusRifles SKS section  --- No longer Active

Survivor's SKS Boards 

GUNBOARDS.COM  SKS and AK section 

“Survivor's” SKS FAQ

A Great new rear sight for your SKS!!!  Check this out if you are a shooter!!   Tech-Sights

This is the place to go for Firing pin problems.....Prevent slam fires

A must look site for links and info about the U.P.  Not only for Yooper's!!!

Good source for some information on the SKS at Wikipedia